Company Overview


Skideev was created in 2011 in Shenzhen by a team of Chinese and French engineers. Thanks to various innovative products in RF and Hi-Fi domains, the company has been developed and offers now a complete range of products and services. Skideev has an experienced software team located in France having confirmed experience in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies and related product design.


Authorized Qualcomm System Integrator

MFI license: 16-01391

Member of AllSeen

Klippel Partner


Acoustic development

Our engineers have several years’ experience in acoustic design. We are working in collaboration with companies like Klippel Germany who lead the wordwide acoustic research.

All designs are measured in quiet room and we only work with A-Brand transducers supplier’s.

The Acoustic develpments find their application in production of HiFi muti-room Wi-Fi speakers and sound bars.


Signal Reception:

Signal Reception:

Skideev designs and manufacture the following equipment:

  • TV/DAB Multiband SMATV-amplifiers
  • TV/DAB Mast head-amplifiers
  • TV over Ethernet cables amplifiers
  • TV/DAB indoor amplifiers/ boosters
  • TV/ DAB indoor & outdoor antennas
  • Dedicated power supply units for TV amplifiers


All our products are ROHS and REACH compliant. The products are tested and measured in Europe to guarantee stable performances and longevity.

Application software:

Application software:

Our software team provides excellent software work in different fields as diverse as: control of Hi-Fi audio equipment, connected home, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth low energy, cloud services, mobile APPs, etc …

Skideev is a world leading team in the field of Wi-Fi streaming audio


  • AllPlay™ audio streaming controller mobile app.
  • AllPlay™ embedded Speaker software “turnkey solution”
  • Different cloud server systems
  • Company ERP/ MRP system

Smart home and security:

Member of AllSeen and MFI licensed, Skideev participate to the elaboration of moderns connected home and security systems.


Our production strictly complies to ROHS/ REACH/ PAH requirements and social audits.
Production is controlled by ERP/MRP system.